South Bankitis

June 23, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Observer

VISITORS to the South Bank Exhibition, says one from the West Riding, should plan their day and take the affair easily.

The authorities (he says) have made the show so breathtaking that many a person leaves leaves the South Bank with bewilderment. Ask 20 per cent of those who go there exactly what they have seen and they look at you with dismay.

They have failed to follow the excellent advice given in the catalogue that the exhibition has been arranged in sequence.

Each pavilion seems more wonderful than the last, as each flight of steps seems steeper than the last. Do not be afraid to sit down and rest.

And for goodness sake, says our informant, do not be afraid of missing anything. Better to leave under one’s own power, having seen a lot, than to be carried out on a stretcher having seen everything in a few hours.